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There's a new way to scale influencer marketing

"We are also able to better track ROAS and CPA because of the easy whitelisting capabilities."

— Agency client

Use creator content and handles to run better performing paid social ads

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"Easy to find the right creators."

Here's why it works

Why us?

We tested, and brands do 25-30% better when they run ads through creators


Here's what people are saying

"Outperformed all our benchmarks and provided us with valuable insights.

"For what we would pay a professional photographer, this is a great avenue to content creation."

"This has been our secret sauce to a positive ROAS."




Join hundreds of brands getting pitches from this curated network of creators.

1. Create ad-sets quickly

3. Drive ROAS

2. Build trust

Build ad-sets with your best performing creators and content, then send it right to your Facebook Ad Manager

When an ad comes from a creators handle, people click it because it doesn't look like an ad

Use creator licensing to attribute influencer marketing spend to the bottom of your funnel

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You'll never waste hours scrolling for influencers

Never waste time negotiating or haggling with them

Never be left in the dark on performance

Only see the people who match your brand

Let us be the bad guy. We'll handle rates, legal, and all the admin.

Real creators. Real performance. You'll track results at every step.

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