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Sales lift and ROI modeling

Not all creator media campaigns can be tracked using traffic lift studies.  A good example of this is CPG products, where they are often sold in brick and mortar locations among thousands of other brands.  For that reason, #paid offers its Sales lift and & ROI modeling solution.  

Using established methodology and proprietary benchmarks, we’ll use your campaign data to model how the campaign you’ve run has resulted in a lift in sales for your organization.  From this, you’ll be able to quickly determine the ROI of your campaign.

Brand & Perception lift studies helps you understand the impact of a campaign on consumers’ awareness or perceptions of your brand. These solutions determine the behavioural and attitudinal effects of campaign exposure using digital tracking and a survey based approach.

#paid brand & perception lifts are unique in the industry, as the experimental environment for the test fully simulates a participant’s social feed.  This gives more accurate insights and ensures that the results found in the lab are generalizable to the real world.  

Things brand & perception lifts can provide insight on include:

Brand & perception lift studies

How has the campaign impacted consumers likelihood to recommend or buy your brand?

What audience segments spend the most time on your campaign?

How can you optimize creative elements before the content goes live?

Proudly partnering with

For brands looking to deeply understand the “why” of their content’s performance, #paid offers a complete suite of measurement tools.  

 Developed by #paid in partnership with several of the world’s leading measurement consultancies, these tools have been built specifically for measuring the impact of creator content on your brand’s business objectives.  

Fully customized for each engagement, the output of a #paid measurement report will give your team a host of actionable insights that will contribute across your marketing mix.

Measurement Overview

Traffic lift studies allow brands to determine whether exposure to a creator media campaign drives in store visits.  

Using proprietary technology, #paid can determine the exact number of visits a particular piece of content drove to your store(s).  Combined with average spend data, you’ll be able to quickly determine the ROI of your creator media campaign.

Acquisition traffic lift