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Our investors

“Build an email list that will only be used for BFCM. Then, partner with a media company like Morning Brew to drive people to subscribe to that list that you’ll use just for BFCM.
Consumers are more likely to give their information for a limited period of time. That way, you’ll hedge against large enterprise companies going all-in on paid social.”

— Web Smith, Founder of 2PM

Build a list 📨

“Start nurturing your customers now. This year, BFCM is not just going to be about one weekend. Brands are going to offer deals throughout all of November.

Do a website user optimization audit from a mobile device. Make important product information front and centre.

Now is the time to a/b test because it’s really going to matter in November. Use a tool like HotJar to watch how users interact on your website”

— Kelly Vaughn, Founder of Taproom

Start nurturing ⌛️

"Traditionally, influencer marketing was not something we typically did. But after seeing the success of our program with #paid, we are now hoping to work with content creators again"

“I’m nervous about the elections, COVID and rising CPMs. This is the time to focus on launching new strategies like an SMS list or testing influencer marketing. Also, test how you’re capturing emails ahead of time. Maximize every single email sign up.

Shipping will also be a nightmare, so figure out your shipping deadlines well ahead of time and hire an additional customer support rep."

— Patrick Coddou, Founder of Supply

Sort out logistics 📦

— Jackie Bowie

Adam Ryan

President of The Hustle (acquired, Hubspot)

Alen Palendar

Creator & Creative Director (@alenpalander)

Allen Lau

CEO, Wattpad (Aquired, Naver)

Backed by some of the brightest on the planet

"We’ll be ramping up spending by about 10% per day leading up to the holiday. September - November is a crucial time to explore new acquisition channels.

Activate new platforms based on the type of products you have. If you have a visual product, seed your product with creators on platforms like Tik Tok to produce low-fi video content, which will convert like crazy with ads."

— Jenny Gao, Founder of Fly By Jing

Explore new channels 🔎

Investor funds

Arati Sharma

Co-founder, Backbone Angels (ex-Shopify)

Arjun Sethi

Co-founder & Partner, Tribe Capital


Co-founder, XO (Manager, The Weeknd)

Christian Collins

Popular creator (@weeklychris)

Crawford Collins

Popular creator (@crawfordcollins)

Daniel Patricio

Product Lead at Shopify & Founder of Bull and Cleaver

Eva Lau

Entrepreneur & Founder, Two Small Fish Ventures

Jasmine Lorimer

Creator & Star of The Bachelorette (@jasminelorimer)

Murda Beatz

Multi-platinum award winning Artist-Producer

Nik Sharma

"The DTC Guy" 

Ryan MIllier

Creator & Entrepreneur (@ryanmillier)

Sander Daniels

Co-founder, Thumbtack

Satish Kanwar

VP Acceleration, Shopify

Web Smith

Founder of 2PM, media x commerce expert


Product Lead at Shopify & Founder of Bull and Cleaver